Virtual Reality

In term 4 of this year, the DT committee worked with the Library Committee to organise Games Week in Week 5. The DT committee was in charge of running the VR station in the Chrysalids. The girls involved were me (Fai), Ella, Serena, Toni, Diana, Caitlyn, Chrissie, Inika and Amy. The virtual reality kit that […]

Exploring Drones

Today the Dt Committee explored drones. The Hive have a parrot drone The Sparc Drone Some ideas for the DT Committee are to: Build a Drone. Here’s a kit from Core Electronics   2. A Mini Drone Race that we can program. If you have any suggestions please put in the comments below.

New Prusa 3D Printers

The DT Committee were amazed by the new 3D printers from Prusa. These new printers are different because they use PLA and they don’t have sides. Toni, Amy and Chrissie worked on some 3D projects, and they looked at the settings for the calibration of the 3D printer.  

Mr Egan talking to the Digital Committee about Gaming


Today Mr. Egan presented at the DT Committee meeting about making games using Scratch, Game Maker, and Unity. We were intrigued when he showed us a game he had built and we played a game that his students had made. The game was called Speed Runner and it was made using the program Unity. Mr […]

Cameron from the Hive shows the Digital committee how to solder electrical components.


  Our first guest speaker for Semester 1, was Cameron from the Hive who came to show the Digital Committee girls how to solder. Chrissie was particularly keen to learn more about soldering as she noticed that it connects with her VET course in Electrical Engineering. In the photo above, you can see the model […]

Getting started with 3D printing

In the committee meeting yesterday, I shared some really useful links about learning how to create 3D files. Here is a video that shows you the concepts – Tinkercad I recommend starting an account in Tinkercad and doing LEARN lessons Instructables I also recommend using Instructables as they have projects with step-by-step instructions. They also […]

Building the Solar powered Paris Flyer

What have the DT Committee girls been up to?

This term the Digital Technology Committee girls decided to get involved in a range of different projects. These are some of the making, coding and 3D printing projects that they have started in the Maker Space. But now that we’re doing online learning at home, I’m wondering what technology the DT Committee members have found […]



The DT Committee was exploring new technologies in the realms of motion sensors and robotics. We have woken up the Spheros and have named them accordingly. We have also started downloading the Sphero apps on the school’s iPads for student use. However, we encountered quite a few problems along the way, and Cam from the […]

CEDA Lunch- Artificial Intelligence and Ethics: the future of work

On the 6th of May, eight Wilderness students from years nine, eleven and twelve attended a CEDA (Committee for Economic Development of Australia) lunch to learn about, ‘Artificial Intelligence and Ethics: the future of work’. We listened to the expertise of Osmond Chiu, a Senior Policy Officer at the Community and Public Sector Union, and […]